Last of the Prep

In a lot of ways, I wish I had gotten this blog set up and ready to go a month ago. So much has happened in December, and even back in November leading up to this week. Maybe I’ll post about what I packed, all the prep, and the people who did amazing things for me in the run-up to this adventure in a future post.

I leave at 1am on the 31st. That’s just a few days away. Even then, I feel like a lot of this has yet to really hit me. A year is a long time. Getting rid of my apartment, moving everything into storage, getting vaccines (and enjoying some not-so-fun side effects) should all be a big deal, but I’m not feeling anxious. No jitters, no butterflies. I’m in a zen-like state. Taking everything in stoic stride. When am I going to feel that “Oh fuck, I’m not going to see anyone for a year!” moment? Seems odd to me. Maybe it’s because I know I’ll be back. Maybe it’s because I know I need to do this, so I have no worries about it.

I’m conscious of the fact that I won’t see everyone for a year, but emotionally, it’s a void.

As for RY. Mexico City is under a week away. New Years in Mexico will be new and exciting. But I’m similarly unaffected by it. Still stoic. Step by step, down my to-do list and checking off things as I complete them.

When this shit finally hits me and I get that pit in my stomach that I’m about to miss everyone, I’ll post again. Until then, back to packing and prep!

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